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Case Studies

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Overhead gantry and DR system for scanning flight control surfaces

Compact Ultrasonic Pipe Scanners for confined spaces

DR and CT inspection of investment cast jet engine turbine blades

Ballistics, battery, and component testing using high-resolution CT imaging

High-energy, high-speed digital imaging with LDA

Fail safe component placement & material evaluation

UT inspection systems for large-grain & concrete structures

Fast automated scans of rolled rings up to 10 meters

Equipment refurbishment & P-Scan upgrade for mission-critical component testing

Mobile ultrasonic scanning of composite material and joints

Low-energy X-ray to evaluate density and sensor wire placement

PolyScan / X-ray material evaluation at production line speed

Real-time digital X-ray inspection at production speed

Robotic crawler for remote confined-space UT inspection

Mini-focus, multi-angle digital X-ray inspection of braze welds

Assembly line digital X-rays with image archiving

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